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I am going to be honest, I hate writing about myself. It never sounds right, its awkward and I sound like a dork…but here I go…

My photography experience goes back to my high school yearbook days. Yep, I was the photographer. But my interest in photography goes beyond high school with a family member who is also a wedding and portrait photographer. So, you can say it runs in the family. Photography is my passion. My creative outlet. I love capturing those moments in your life with a photo that you can be proud to showcase in your home and to your friends and family. My bold and bright style sets me apart from others in the industry. I am always up for new places, new posing techniques that will reinvent your perfect and unique vision for your session or event.

You bored yet? No? Meet my beautiful family…

Since I am most likely getting to know you and your family in the future, I would like you to meet my family of three…

My amazing and supportive husband, Allen and I have been married 11 years. He is my rock, my biggest fan and yet always finds a way to aggravate me on a daily basis, then I want to throw a rock at him, LOL! He is owner of Noble Stone Woodworks and helps me create and even refinishes some of my photo props. So, I guess I will keep him around.

The other cutie in the picture is my little, Grady. He just turned 5 and keeps us going and on our toes with weekly activities, violin lessons and baseball games.

And finally, me… Ok, so I am Jenn – a coffee obsessed mom, that can eat Mexican food on a daily basis (if you let me). I love to travel and experience new places. Yep! I drag the family with me. They don’t complain much, until I find a great shopping opportunity (hehe).

So, I think I have bored you enough with my life. I would love to meet you and your family. Check out my portfolio and let’s schedule a meet and greet…I prefer coffee.

– Jenn

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